Busia Pastors say no to Tax Proposals on Tithe

Photo: Teso Pastors Network Association Platform members after their meeting at Hotel Suddex in Amagoro on Sunday.

Pastors drawn from Churches in Teso North, Teso South Sub-counties and Bukhayo North Ward in Nambale have rejected plans by the National Government to start taxing their tithe and vowed to resist to the hilt.

The pastors met at Hotel Suddex in Amagoro on Sunday where they formed the Teso Pastors Network Association Platform (TPNAP) aimed at bringing all pastors together to fight for injustices meted on them.

The Association interim chairman Pastor Dennis Etyang said proposals to start taxing their tithe were untenable, noting that pastors work on a voluntary basis all week round.

“We are not ready to subjects such peanuts to taxes. The National Government should treat pastors with decorum and rescind moves to impose taxes on tithe, “he said.
Pastor Etyang of God’s True Worshippers Ministry Amagoro, said TPNAP will also help protect genuine pastors from rogue ones who fleece Christians under the guise they are genuine men of God.

“There are pastors who wear sheep’s skin and yet inside they are foxes; they spread wrong gospel which affects good pastors. The network will cover good pastors, anybody who disguises themselves as pastors to con members of the public will be dealt with in accordance with the law,” he said.
Pastor Peter Omoit of Gracious Harvest Kingdom Church was elected new interim secretary and Renice Otere of Gracious Redeemed Ministry Kocholia as treasurer.


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