Medical Negligence Cases Sent Chills Among Kenyans

medical negligence
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Cases of medical negligence in Kenya and the world over are not uncommon, however, the qualification of our medical doctors and state of Kenyan hospitals has been put on the rudder after more victims of medical negligence continue to narrate their ordeal.

On Wednesday, Kenyans sympathized with a mother of five, Susan Nekesa who underwent an operation at KNH that rendered her unable to control her bowel movements.

The KNH management Board has taken responsibility for the incidence, claiming the problem was not on the doctors concerned but their failure to communicate to the family in time about a condition Susan suffered from. A one Dr. Mutoma alleged that Susan’s condition was caused by a defect in her rectal sheath which resulted in her intestines being herniated.

”That section of the small intestines had been trapped and this impaired blood flow, leading to the death of tissues in the section. The tissues were removed and an artificial passage was created to the outside of the abdominal wall through which the patient had to pass waste,” Dr. Mutoma said

Elsewhere, a family in Munyaka, Eldoret are seeking justice for their 75-year old mother Mwende Kihara after an injection that she was administered to her 5 years ago by a doctor at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital led to her speech loss and inability to walk. However, Dr. Wilson Aruwasa, one of the doctors at the hospital claim Mwende’s condition did not result from the injection that was administered to her.

Mwende’s daughter, Ruth Wanja claims when they sought for answers at the hospital they were simply told it was an accident like any other. Tale tell signs of medical negligence.

The family now claims they are finding it hard to cope up with her as she appears to have lost her senses and does not seem to know what she wants.

Another victim of medical negligence from Kakamega claims her son’s sickness was worsened by the fact that a nurse at one of the medical institution injected her son severally on the lower arm while trying to locate a vein in the arm to administer the injection.

Bungoma county has also had its fair share of the story after Josephine Majani, whose reproductive rights were violated in 2013 at Bungoma County Hospital while delivering her baby was awarded 2.5 million by the High court after she filed a court case at the Bungoma law courts over the same.

Josephine claims she gave birth on the floor at the hospital in the presence of nurses who beat and sneered at her, an outright case of medical negligence and mediocrity.


Apparently, Josephine who had arrived at the hospital to give birth just like any other mother developed intense labor pains while at the labor ward. She was then asked to walk to the delivery room. Josephine walked to the labor room unaided but on reaching there found all the beds were occupied.

She then decided to walk back to the labor ward but succumbed to intense labor and gave birth on the floor of the hospital between the delivery room and labor ward. Nurses who found her slapped and scolded her for making dirty the hospital floor.

medical negligence
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Many are the cases of medical negligence happening at our hospitals with a lot more going unreported. As of now, Kenya is among one of the unsafe places to give birth in the world.

The big question Kenyans are now asking is whether our hospital staff are underqualified to handle patients or KMPDB  (Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board) is simply sleeping on its job that it cannot regulate its doctors and punish medical negligence. It now appears that Kenyans themselves have to scrutinize their hospitals and doctors therein to find out what medical services are best for them and their loved ones.



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