Panic as an Earthquake tremor hits Busia and its Environs

earth tremors
Residents in Busia, Kakamega and Trans Nzoia were left in panic when earth tremors hit the region. (Photo: Courtesy)

There was panic on Saturday when the earthquake aftershocks hit Busia and other neighbouring counties including Kakamega, Bungoma, Vihiga and Trans Nzoia.
In Busia, the tremor which occurred at 11.11am caught residents unaware. A contractor James Anyango said he felt the tremor that lasted a few seconds although he did not panic.

At Amasase in Teso South, mourners who had gathered for burial scampered for safety when the tremor struck. A young Abel and his friends dropped the tent they were carrying and fled for safety “when we hear the ground shaking.”
Confirming that he also experienced the strong earth tremors County Director Meteorological Service Benjamin Bahati said that the magnitude of the tremor had not been established due to lack of equipment.
“Today’s tremors were very strong. We cannot, however, establish it on the Richter scale; instruments for its measurement are in Lodwar, Nairobi and a few selected towns in Kenya. There are plans to install one in Kakamega,” he said, emphasizing that it is important for residents to build houses with strong foundations that can resist incidents of heavy tremors.

Kenya Meteorological Department officer from Nairobi Peter Mirara, however, said that ‘’the tremor was too insignificant’’ to be detected by KMD rear time system.

According to, earthquake aftershocks of moderate magnitude 5.2 on the Richter scale was experienced on Saturday near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan.
Norfolk Island was also struck by magnitude 6 earthquake, making it the second to hit the South Pacific in 24 hours. On Friday, New Caledonia was struck by a huge magnitude 7.6 earthquakes, but no damage was caused as reported by
Earthquakes occur as a result of volcanic eruptions among other causes.


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